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The Essentials

What is your pricing?

Can you do other printed materials as well as the invitations?

Where are you located?

Do you have a shop I can visit?

Can I have an in-person consultation?

Can I see some samples?

How far in advance do I need to order?

Do you do all occasions or just weddings?


How much does shipping cost?

How long will my order take?

How will my order be shipped?

Can you ship to PO boxes?

Can you ship internationally?

Do you offer local pickup?

How come only part of my order has arrived?

Design & customising

What are my options for the design?

Can I customise the colours?

Can I change the wording?

Can I change the fonts?

Can I include the guests' names on the invitations?

Can I include a photo?


How do I order?

How do I send you my wording?

How do I send you my guest list?

What happens after I order?

What if there are more changes after that?

Can I get a hardcopy proof?

The invitations look perfect! What now?

What if I need more invitations later?

My circumstances have changed and I no longer require my order. Can I cancel?

Can I return my order?

Eeeeeek! There's an error on my invitations!

How many invitations should I order?

Does my order come assembled or is it DIY?

Printing & paper

How do you print the invitations?

Can I buy the digital files for me to print myself?

What paper types are available?

Do the invitations come with envelopes?

Can you address the envelopes for me?


What are your payment terms?

What payment methods do you accept?

What currency do you use?



Postage costs



How far in advance should I send my invitations?

When should I send out save the dates?

When should I send out thank you notes?

When should I set my RSVP date?


Help! I don't know what to do for my wording.

How do I say 'no children'?

Do I need to include the dress code?


Who do I need to send an invitation to?

Do I need to send out save the dates?